Managed IT Services

Our comprehensive suite of managed IT services is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your business in an increasingly digital world. At Blue Sphere Technologies, we’re not just a service provider, we’re your trusted partner in IT management.

Whether you’re a small business on the brink of expansion or an established company seeking to streamline your IT operations, we’re here to make technology work for you. We understand that navigating the tech landscape can be complex and time-consuming. That’s why we’re committed to simplifying your IT journey, from procurement and setup to employee onboarding and termination, cloud configurations, license management, and beyond.

Our expertise extends to every corner of IT management, with an increased focus on cybersecurity. We offer a range of solutions, including endpoint protection, identity management, and network management and monitoring, to ensure your business is protected and prepared for the future.

Join us at Blue Sphere Technologies, and let’s harness the power of technology together!


Rest easy knowing that your technology has the latest security standards installed.


Enjoy knowing that your technology grows with you and your company as you scale.


Get detailed reports on the current state of your technology and have predictable future expenses.


Implement industry standards to ensure that your network and IT equipment is working for you, not the other way around.

Overview of Services

The bases of our services comes down to managing three main things: Endpoints (laptops, desktops, mobile devices, etc), Servers (applications, device management framework, etc), and your network. By combining these items under the umbrella of Blue Sphere Technologies, using our partnerships, we are able to pass cost savings on to you and relieve the burden of IT.


Reduce your worry about the security and operability of company owned devices. We ensure that your endpoints are secured, updated, and backed up!


Regardless of how your host your servers, be that on-premises or the cloud, we have you covered to effectively manage and optimize your server infrastructure.


We support your exisiting infrastructure maximizing your resources. Further, we can redesign and optimize for the best staff experience!


Create a predictable, more manageable IT budget for your business, without compromising security or performance of your business IT.

End User Support

We help streamline operations for your business and increase the overall security posture by simplifying onboarding and terminations, promoting good cyber hygiene through training, and offering a help desk to keep your team going and while keeping work stoppages to a minimum.


Ensure that new staff are given the keys needed to be successful. For those members that are moving on, we ensure that your company data is kept safe and secured.


Improperly trained staff might just click on a malicious link. Ensure that your staff has the security training they need and are aware of cyber hygiene best practices to help prevent would-be attacks.


We provide help desk solutions for our clients to help their staff get the support they need in order to ensure that work stoppages are kept to a minimum!

Business Strategy & Security

Enhance your cybersecurity with our Managed Security Services, offering real-time monitoring, threat intelligence, and vulnerability management. Safeguarding your data is our top priority. Moreover, elevate your IT strategy with our vCIO/vCISO Services. Gain expert guidance on IT planning, cybersecurity, and compliance without the full-time executive commitment.


Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services, offering strategic guidance on IT planning, cybersecurity strategies, compliance management, and other high-level IT and security functions.


Enable real-time monitoring, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, and other proactive security measures to safeguard information assets.

Ready to save money and offload the IT burden?

IT Solutions for Every Business

No matter the size of your team, from one employee to 500, we have an IT solution ready to be tailored to your needs. With three distinct pricing models and a suite of features, we’re ready to help you optimize your operations and realize significant savings compared to your current MSP.

Managed Solutions

Get coverage for your devices and users. Move to the Blue Sphere Tech Stack to enhance your business operations and security leveraging the latest industry standards and best practices.

Managed SECURITY & Strategy

Offers enhanced services for your security and company growth. Move beyond standard coverages with our enhanced security and strategy services. 

A Le Carte

If you feel that you’d like to select aspects from our IT stack, we encourage you to utilize our A Le Carte service, decreasing your costs and meeting the requirements for your organization!

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